This is me.

Hi! My name is Marc Scherlin. 

Let's start of with who I am. Since I was a little boy I've always been having a craving for creating things. Smart solutions that made my everyday life a little more exciting. When finishing High School my focus where on economics, since all of my friends had that in focus. Then after a year of traveling and working I realised that I actually could work with things that I love, such as photography, design and innovation. This led me on a track that I am still on and I am continuously transforming into a more solid professional. 

Nowadays I present myself as a Story Doer with a focus on visual design and interactive concepts. There is some trends that I am interested of right now. 
First of all the the hunger for awareness that people have nowadays caused by the digital globalisation that makes the world both smaller and bigger.

The second trend is that the old school physical marketing taking the step into the digital era and creating a totally new market space for new innovation solutions of using medias.

The third one is the edge of innovation that we stand infront of. The upcoming years will give us new perspective of looking at things since the technology that are under development will that the media that we are used to today to a totally other level. That is where I want to be, developing innovative solutions that tell stories and allows the user to be a part of it by using new cutting edge technology.

Right now I am looking for a 7 month internship starting in november. I am a good team player and I bring joy to people.